Project Turnaround

Project turnaround may vary depending on the project and sale volume. (If times may be pushed back, we will notify the client)

For flyers, logos, business cards, album covers, banners, and custom graphics we typically complete these projects within 3-10 business days. Turn around time beings only after the client signs their contract agreement. You have 5 business days after paying the invoice or submitting your order via website to send your project details before this contract is no longer void and you are refunded. We will remind you on the 3rd day if we haven't received an email from the client. For websites and packages our turn-around time is between 2-6 weeks. 

All extra fees (extra revision cycles, expedited services) for projects must be paid and finalized by the 30th day, there is a grace period of five days thereafter before the project is deleted, if dues remains unpaid.

Revision cycles do not count toward turnaround time.

To make this process quick and easy for the client and the designer here are a few things to include when submitting the design form & project questionnaire

Deadlines: This helps with scheduling. Some clients don’t mind waiting and are in no rush, while others may need their services in a certain time frame. If the client has a deadline they have the opportunity to let us know so we can work with them. We also offer expedited services which are completed in 24-48 hours for standard services and 1 week for packages and web design services. Expedited services are labeled priority and are a $20 extra fee for standard service/$50 fee for packages and web design.


Creative Control: we are completely fine with having creative control. Although the client may not be able to tell us what they want, we advise the client to let us know what they don’t want as well so there is no wasted time and the design can be finalized as quickly as possible. Picture examples and inspiration are also helpful so we know the client's style. There is also a style questionnaire on our website the client may take so we can gather this information visually.
Picture Examples: If the client comes across a design/sketch they like, they may send the picture as reference so we know the exact idea they're going for *Please note although the client may be inspired, we do not mirror nor copy other designer's work, though we may offer come similarities. Here at MDM we take pride in being able to create our own work so we nor the client run into legal troubles concerning copyrights in the future. We also value our relationship with other designers and never want to take away from their business by copying.

We ask the client to PLEASE BE AS DETAILED AND SPECIFIC AS POSSIBLE with details to avoid extra revision cycles and fees. If the client would like to schedule a consultation to form a clear understanding of their vision, they may do so by emailing us or filling out the consultation form on our website with their preferred call-time.


                             I understand that I am liable for signing this contract and sending a detailed vision or form of direction to MDM within 5 business days of signing this contract (1 Week for packages and Web design) or I will be refunded and will no longer be serviced for this project.


Unfortunately, we do not offer refunds once the project has begun due to being a company that renders a service. The time we put into any project cannot be refunded and the value of the time spent on any project is to be compensated by the client. At MDM we eliminate the risk of the client losing their money and make it our business to design their project to their satisfaction if we are allowed the opportunity. All deposits made for started projects are non-refundable. Refunds are not owed due to missed deadlines or delayed deliveries, so we ask the client to either book in advance or pay a rush fee listed in the service description to expedite their services. Time must be reserved on the client's account, causing other potential projects to be refused (Most common with packages and web designs), therefore we hope the client understands the importance of our time as well as our other clients. The client may check the Client Portal to see the progress of their design.

                            I understand that refunds are not available once my design is in process. I am only owed a refund unless my design hasn't begun. I have the opportunity to expedite my services, if necessary.

Terms of Use & Service

We have a zero tolerance for abusive behavior. Posting publicly or slandering the designer in regards to an order issue will result in an immediate cancellation of your order. Those who have orders cancelled due to abusive or elicit behavior will forfeit their right to a product or refund. Those who do not comply with this policy will be subject to legal action and refused for future projects or promotions. We handle all situations with respect and understanding, and would like the client to act the same way so issues can be resolved effectively and peacefully.

Orders disputed by the cardholder's bank (despite the no-refund policy) will be subject to legal action for issues regarding libel, breach of contract, or theft by deception.

                            I understand that failure to abide by these terms may result in a forfeit of my refund and/or legal action

Deposits & Payments

In order for the client to receive their designs (i.e. printable flyers, website link with your domain, printable business cards, etc.) full and final payments must be made. All deposits made on projects are non-refundable. Any service provided is to be paid in full. Any large services such as services packages or web-design may be paid either all-upfront, or the client may request a pricing plan to pay the remaining balance at a later date once the project is complete.

                               I understand that I only receive 2 free revision cycles before I have to pay $15 extra per revision cycle until I am completely satisfied. My final files will not be sent to me unless my final balance is paid

Advertising of Designs

MDM has the right to advertise any work designed and created by their team as long as it does not defame nor harm a brand's image. 

Business Hours

MDM operates Monday-Friday from 10AM to 6PM. Weekends are closed. Absolutely no communication will be held outside of these hours. We ask the client to give us at least 72 hours to respond to their email on our regularly scheduled business days. The client may schedule a phone consultation at least 24 hours in advance if needed.